Communicating Design

Communicating Design

Current methods for communicating domain specific knowledge in building practice assume disciplinary separation and discretisation of design control. State of the art research questions these professional boundaries by creating shared methods that integrate design and simulation. However, these methods either remain data heavy and therefore unintuitive and contrary to design creativity or borrow methods from unrelated fields such as film industry. These ad hoc methods remain highly experimental and unverified.

The topic is tackled in the innochain Work package 3, which will examine innovative links between structural simulation, material and design.

The Workpackage is lead by the Institute of Building Structures and Structural Design (ITKE)

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Author: Evy Slabbinck

Isogeometric analysis is an emerging technology driven by the present gap between the simulation of structural analysis and design software. This newly developed computational method is a new approach to Finite Element Method, taking non-approximated geometry into consideration by using conventional NURBS-based CAD models. read more

Keywords: · analysis · design · innovation · isogeometric · NURBS


Author: Tom Svilans

Industrial Partners: Blumer Lehmann, White. The ability to simulate material performance, parametrising and calculating material properties as design drivers present new perspectives in structural and material thinking. By understanding materials not as static or inanimate, but as engaged by complex behaviours, material performance is regarded as one of the richest sources of innovation. New structural paradigms are emerging that integrate material performance such as active bending. read more

Keywords: · Communicating · INTEGRATING MATERIAL PERFORMANCE · timber


Author: Angelos Chronis

The project is focused on building performance simulation and new fabrication techniques for the application of “smart materials” in architectural construction. read more

Keywords: · Building Physics · CFD · Environmental Performance · Performance Driven Design · simulation


Author: Zeynep Aksoz

ESR: Zeynep Aksoz ESR NUMBER: ESR4 INDUSTRIAL PARTNERS: Str.ucture + BIG INSTITUTE: IOA       Description: The project examines the integration of advanced modelling and optimisation strategies to design workflow for managing and communicating multi-criteria optimisation. It focuses on novel strategies for the formulation of design problems within the setting of high performance, cloud-enabled,... read more

Keywords: · AI · analysis · Communicating · digital simulation · GA · IoA · Machine Learning · simulation · Vienna


Author: Dimitrie Stefanescu

This research project examines how complex simulation based design can be communicated both internally within the design teams and externally with partners such as clients or public administration. read more

Keywords: · design


Talking models

Author: Tom Svilans

ESR2- INTEGRATING MATERIAL PERFORMANCE AUTHOR: Tom Svilans July 27, 2017. Well, it’s been a long time! In the middle of May, I wrapped up a very enjoyable and productive 2-month secondment at Blumer-Lehmann, down in the rolling Swiss countryside near St. Gallen. Sunshine and snow were both abundant. I will make another post in more detail about the... read more

Keywords: · cita · design communication · glue · INTEGRATING MATERIAL PERFORMANCE · lamination · material performance · timber · wood

Innochain Colloquium Presentation – Integrating Building Physics for Performance Control

Author: Angelos Chronis

This is the video from the project’s presentation at the Design Probes Exhibition in Vienna, earlier this month. In its current stage, the research has investigated the state of the art in CFD integration through a number of key experiments – design probes – with similar objectives that aim to assess the potential and pitfalls... read more


Innochain colloquium – Integrating material performance

Author: Tom Svilans

ESR2- INTEGRATING MATERIAL PERFORMANCE AUTHOR: Tom Svilans March 22, 2017. A couple of photos and a short video from the Design Probes colloquium exhibition earlier this month in Vienna. How can the integration of material performance and digital sensing lead to new models and modes of working between early-stage design and industrial fabrication, in the context of... read more

Keywords: · cita · digital fabrication · exhibition · glue · industry · INTEGRATING MATERIAL PERFORMANCE · lamination · timber · wood

Hierarchical multi-resolution simulation for bending-active tensile hybrid structures based on isogeometric analysis

Author: Evy Slabbinck

Integration between design and analysis is becoming more significant, and requires an easy back and forward transfer between design and analysis geometry. Isogeometric analysis (IGA) is filling the gap between structural analysis (FEA) and design software (CAD). read more

Keywords: · BAT_01 · bending-active · hybrid structures · IGA · isogeometric · simulation

Human Machine Interaction

Author: Innochain

The collaborative design strategy between human and artificial intelligence brings a new perspective into design thinking. Rather than using a top down strategy, where the designer searches for the preferred solution manually and optimizing the selected solution in a later step, s/he becomes the builder of the process, investigating the topological relations between the parameters... read more


Speckle Streams

Author: Dimitrie Stefanescu

ESR5 – Alternate Means to Communicate Measure AUTHOR: Dimitrie A. Stefanescu (@idid) Speckle Streams is the third iteration in the speckle family, and was developed according to a much more flexible and mature application architecture. Specifically, it consists of three main parts, each working in unison. The first is the interface linking the architectural parametric... read more

Keywords: · design communication · nodejs · parametric design · rest api · speckle · web