Communicating Design

Communicating Design
22-24 June, 2016
1.5 ECTS
Course instructor: Professor Mette Ramsgaard Thomsen & Associate Professor Martin Tamke CITA/KADK Copenhagen
Registration 15 June
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The workshop-seminar will explore the architectural potential of advanced timber constructions. We will get insights into current practices and research in in wood and disucss with leading experts the future of timber construction.

The workshop-seminar takes point of the departure in the experiments of two related workshop-seminars in the Innochain network, which explored material processing and simulation of wood. This seminar asks what the architectural – spatial, social or environmental – consequences of such structural and material studies are.
The following 2 day workshop explores how material thinking can lead to new spatial concepts and develops architectural propositions as a means of exploring these. The aim is to extend upon the experiments from workshop-seminar 1.2 (testing robotic milling for timber joints) and 1.3 (simulating anisotropic behaviour in timber). By introducing a set of generative tools, the workshop explores how a particular material strategy can be encoded and thus formalised and propagated within a design solution.

We ask:
What are the spatial consequences of a particular material logic?
What are the architectural traditions for these kinds of conceptual enquiries?
What are the means by which such investigations can be undertaken?


Wednesday June 22
09.00 Introduction to seminar, Mette Ramsgaard Thomsen, CITA
09.30 Manufacturing Complex Form, Johannes Kuhnen, Design to Production, CH
10.20 Woodchip Barn Martin Self, AA, UK
11.10 Timber research at CITA, Martin Tamke, CITA
12.00 Lunch
13.00 Wooden Skyscraper #1 Kevin flanagan, PLP Architects, UK
13.50 Wood in Nordic Architecture, Reinhard Kropf, Helen & Hardt, NO
14.40 Coffee
15.00 Fabrication-Aware Design of Timber Folded Plate Shells with Double Through Tenon Joints, Christopher Robeller, EPFL, CH
15.50 Wooden Skyscraper #2, Søren Hell Hansen, CF Møller
16.40 Expected End of Seminar, BBQ/Snacks
20.00 Introduction to workshop Architecture and the projective – ideas of utopia, Mette Ramsgaard Thomsen

Thursday June 23
09.00 Encoding Material Logic – Coding Generative Systems, Jacob Riiber Work in Groups/Tutorials
15.00 Discussion of First results, work in groups/tutorials
19.00 Render/illustration Tutorial

Friday June 24
09.00 Discussion of day 1 results, work in groups/tutorials
16.00 Final discussion
18.00 End of workshop

Opening of the IBT Exhibition at KADK – drinks & snacks