Earthen Shell Seminar May 2017

Earthen Shell Seminar May 2017

Seminar ran at IAAC in May 2017- 5 sessions.
Number of participanst: 12
Tutors: Stephanie Chaltiel, Abdullah Ibrahim, Noor El-Gewely
Advisor CFD and Augmented Reality: Angelos Chronis
Special thanks to Maite Bravo (Iaac) for her very rich input in the seminar
External Jury members: Verena...

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Design Probes Colloquim Vienna

Design Probes Colloquim Vienna

First Year Design Probes

Innovation Lab Angwandte Vienna.

During 2 days, each ESR presnted his/her progress so far.

Here is the content of my presentation

Small Scale Robots spraying for large scale shells


I propose to take advantage of advanced robotic fabrication involving people fabricating...

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