Start-Up Seminar

Start-Up Seminar


7 and 8 March, 2016
CITA/KADK, Copenhagen
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The aim for the InnoChain Start-Up Seminar was to create a shared venue in which all ESRs presented their research questions and methodologies. The seminar invited all beneficiaries and industry partners to discuss and review the proposals in plenum. The seminar also functioned as a networking event in which further synergy within the three scientific Work Packages could be pursued.

The Start Up seminar was organised around three sessions presenting the three Work Packages:

WP3 Communicating Design, Chair Jan Knippers, ITKE
WP4 Simulating for Design, Chair Ulrika Knagenhielm-Karlsson, KTH
WP5 Materialising Design, Chair Bob Sheil, BSA

ESR Presentations

Each ESR presentation was 20 min followed by a 10 min discussion. The presentation discussed the research question, context, state-of-the-art, the method, first results and educational plan.
The ESR presentation included ‘the ESR Research, Training and Career Plan’ which was completed and agreed with the supervisor before the Seminar. ‘The ESR Research, Training and Career Plan’ outlines the guiding research question for the individual research project, the role, content, structure and timing of the industry secondments, the participation in scientific training, transferrable skills training and evaluation events.

The presentations were held to the InnoChain network; fellow ESRs, the supervisors and the industry partners as well as two external peers: Christoph Gengnagel and Marta Male-Alemany. First direct questioning and discussion of the project followed each presentation. A second, broader, discussion about the possible synergy within the Work Package then followed the five presentations and was chaired by each Work Package responsible.