Speckle.xyz – first Innochain software artefact released

Speckle.xyz – first Innochain software artefact released
Feb 29, 2016


Innochain ESRs Dimitrie A. Stefanescu, who pursues his research project ESR 5 ALTERNATE MEANS TO COMMUNICATE MEASURE at at UCL London, has released a first software artefact related to Innochain – Speckle. Speckle allows users to quickly share Grasshopper 3d models online through just one double click.
Speckle Features:
1. Speckle can export meshes, coloured meshes, polylines, curves and points.
2. Zoom Extents and Zoom Selected: just press spacebar.
3. Multiple Selection: Shift + Left Click selects objects (press Esc to deselect).
4. Named views from Rhino are transported to the online viewer. Wowzers!
5. Simple edges display (wireframe) for legibility.
6. Camera control: rotation, zooming and panning are *exactly* like in Rhino. If on a trackpad, you can switch to a more finger friendly control scheme. Just press “T” on your keyboard to switch between the two.

More info and download on beta.speckle.xyz