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Material Gradient FRP as a material solution for Climate Adaptive Building Envelopes

Current environmental control devices, such as louvers and adjustable shading systems, rely on material stiffness to ensure structural performance and employ mechanical means to activate change. Elastic Kinetic systems, also known as compliant mechanisms, provide a valid alternative to rigid mechanisms for climate adaptive building envelopes. They rely on elastic deformation of material to generate movement, and as a result reduce the mechanical complexity of the system and the associated failure rates. These systems are also more resilient to environmental impact.
This project will investigate the geometric possibilities brought forward by flexible mechanisms and it will identify potentials and restrictions in terms of architectural design and technical performance. The geometric analysis will serve as an input and guideline for the development of new methods of material design for deployment in flexible structures. Focusing on Fiber Reinforced Polymers, strategies for varying material stiffness will be investigated through precise fiber deployment and specific lay-up patterns.



Saman Saffarian



Saman Saffarian is a Research Associate at the Institute for Building Structures and Structural Design ( itke ) at the University of Stuttgart.

He holds a Master’s degree in Architecture from the University of Applied Arts in Vienna ( Universität für Angewandte[JS1] Kunst Wien ) and a Master’s degree in Architecture and Urban Planning from Brno University… read more


Acadia 2017, Boston: Paper Presented on the ICD/ITKE Research Pavilion 2016/2017

Author: James Solly

Acadia 2017 James (ESR08) and Sam (ESR12) both attended the Acadia 2017 “Disciplines and Disruption” Conference at MIT in Boston, 2nd-4th November 2017. During the conference, our colleagues from the ICD (Institute of Computational Design and Construction) presented the paper: Multi-Machine Fabrication: An Integrative Design Process Utilising an Autonomous UAV and Industrial Robots for the... read more

Keywords: · CFRP · Coreless Fibre Winding · GFRP · itke

FlectoFold Demonstrator / BauBionik Exhibition / Stuttgart

Author: Saman Saffarian

Design Development, prototyping, evaluation, fabrication & installation of an Elastic-Kinetic Material-Gradient Facade Shading System : FlectoFold This Large scale demonstrator is being exhibited as part of BauBionik Exhibition opening today at Schloss Rosenstein in Stuttgart, Germany. read more

Keywords: · CFRP Lamination · Elastic Kinetic Facade · Facade Demonstrator · itke · Material Gradient FRP

ICD/ITKE Research Pavilion 2016/2017

Author: James Solly

ESR08 – Virtual Prototyping FRP ESR12 – Material Gradient FRP AUTHORS: James Solly and Saman Saffarian Lightweight, Long-Span Fibrous Construction Since October 2015 Sam and James have been working on the ICD/ITKE Research Pavilion 2016/2017 that was developed within the ITECH Master Studio. The recently-unveiled Pavilion was created to test alternative scenarios for architectural application... read more

Keywords: · CFRP · ESR08 · ESR12 · fabrication · GFRP · itke · lightweight

If material gradient is the answer, then what was the question !

Author: Saman Saffarian

If FRP is the material solution for climate adaptive building envelopes, then the question is, how will it impact architecture. read more

Keywords: · Climate Adaptive Building Envelopes · Kinetic Elastic Facade · Material Gradient FRP

Saman Saffarian

Author: Innochain

Saman Saffarian is a Research Associate at the Institute for Building Structures and Structural Design ( itke ) at the University of Stuttgart. read more