Smart Geometry 2016 – Mud, Fabrics & Robots for Large Structures

Smart Geometry 2016 – Mud, Fabrics & Robots for Large Structures
Building large Shells with Robots, Hands, Mud and Fabrics
During the 4 days workshop we will work with the participants on exploring domes and large spans recursive geometries allowing the construction of earthen shells.
To do so we will craft digitally with the robots some textiles with different fibers density to be used as form-works.
We will embed the processes in feedback loops where the robots actions will control and vary the thickness of the shells and its subtle openings according to the sensors reported data.
We will use the robots actions to spray mud, sands and fibers with different angles intensities, continuous and intermittent trajectories. As the formworks are soft, we will fine tune the robotic actions and the ingredients in the mix associated with manual craft so that the material is sprayed gently.
Photos by Andrea Quetara and cluster´s participants

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