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School of Architecture – Architectural Technology

The KTH School of Architecture is a platform for learning, researching and practicing the role and agency of architecture in its technological, cultural and socio-political context. The Architectural Technology research environment conceives computational design and digital technologies as means to tackle complexity within urban, architectural, structural and material scale. A strong focus is put on interdisciplinarity of architects and engineers with key figures of the world leading structural design practices (such as AKT and Bollinger + Grohman) contributing to research and teaching. KTH School of Architecture is a key partner in two strong research environments in architectural theory and method: “Architecture in the Making” and “Architecture in Effect”. The national initiative links the four schools of architecture in Sweden. The Architectural Technology research environment currently run runs a 3-year research project on a novel convergence of computational design, digital fabrication, concrete and innovative formwork and contributes to the research on designing an Energy Efficient Campus in Albano.
The PhD Programme in Architecture encompasses specializations in Architectural Design, Architectural Technology, Critical Theory, Theory and History, and Urban Design. Since 2012, the School additionally participates in the Swedish national research school, ResArc, expanding the range of high quality courses available for PhD students.

Researchers: Assistant Professor Oliver Tessmann, Professor Johan Silfwerbrand and Professor Ulrika Karlsson.

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