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Institute of Architecture (IOA), the University of Applied Arts Vienna

The goal of the Institute of Architecture at the University of Applied Arts Vienna and of its Dean Klaus Bollinger is to teach architecture as an all-inclusive thought process that puts the future architect in the position to define architecture as a three-dimensional expression of culture. To achieve this, the three design studios of Kazuyo Sejima, Greg Lynn and Hani Rashid closely work together with specialists in the departments of technology, theory and editing within our institute, as well as with specialists from reputable external organizations.
This potential for interaction is realized in closely networked teams that are kept comparatively small to facilitate the transfer of knowledge. In computerlabs and state-of-the-art model shops, the latest technologies are tested in theory and practice. The continuous necessity of re-defining architecture both in theoretical and practical terms should be the main focus of teaching.

Researchers: o.Univ.-Professor Dipl.Ing. Dr.techn. Klaus Bollinger, Dipl.Ing. Dr.techn. Clemens Preisinger and Sen.Art. Dipl.arch. MArch. Anja Jonkhans.


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