ESR 4 – Multi-Criteria Optimization in Early Design Phase

ESR 4  –  Multi-Criteria Optimization in Early Design Phase
ESR: Zeynep Aksoz
INDUSTRIAL PARTNERS: Str.ucture + Foster and Partners


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Multiple criteria optimization is a method to find best fitting solution for a complex problem depending on several objectives mainly by maximizing or minimizing a mathematical function. This method is commonly used in engineering practices aiming to find one optimal solution for a certain design problem. In early design phase although there are several design constraints the design objectives are continuously shifting. One can say that the early design phase is a search for the objectives and parameters within the given constraints of the design brief. Integrating optimization strategies in early design phase as a search tool can expand the scope of early design process by providing more extensive search in the design space. Accordingly, the earlier design stages need a search strategy that can investigate and evaluate diverse solutions. The research will focus on two essential questions; how to create diversity in search and how to improve the computation speed in this process. To answer these questions the research will investigate the potentials of artificial intelligence and human machine interaction.


Zeynep Aksoz