Earthen Shell Seminar May 2017

Earthen Shell Seminar May 2017

Seminar ran at IAAC in May 2017- 5 sessions.

Number of participanst: 12

Tutors: Stephanie Chaltiel, Abdullah Ibrahim, Noor El-Gewely

Advisor CFD and Augmented Reality: Angelos Chronis

Special thanks to Maite Bravo (Iaac) for her very rich input in the seminar

external Jury members: Verena Vogler(Mc Neel Europe), Vincent Chavy (Universal Robots Barcelona), Amadeo Monreal (UPC- Mathematics)

This seminar is based on exploring earthn monolithic shells fabrication methods with iterative 3d scanning at different stages of the structures┬┤s deformation.

The resulting 3d scans are then used in Rhino to perform some Structural (Karamba) and passive ventilation (Rhino CFD) simulations.

The results of the simulations are trasnlated into design features of the earthen shells.

In addition, resin robotic pouring has been explored and different finish resulted from varying angle, speed and distance to the surface robotic parameters on Kuka prc software

fig7 b fig7 a fig5 a fig2 fig8 b - copia 18739308_895277540628821_3583708762493026331_o 18920475_900280826795159_66734962440937758_n fig9 - copia robot simulation 01 robotic resin cups 02